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A new take on hospitality, creating an immersive experience

Bem-vindo to our Portugal.

Combining privacy
with a unique concierge service

After spending years in the region, we learned quite a lot about the Portuguese local traditions, architecture, magical locations and modo de vida.

Our aim is to let you swap your busy schedule for silence, nature, and inspiration. We’ll share with you what to do, visit, where to eat, make reservations and take care of all the details so you can make the most of your time while staying in our beautiful secluded getaway.

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Hidden places
with a soul and story to tell

Each house is carefully selected because of its unique location and interesting background story. Therefore we try to create an inviting atmosphere in and around the house, aligned to the rhythm and pace of the surrounding nature or environment. We want you to perceive the Addresses as the perfect place to recharge and enjoy your time away.

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