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Experience the Algarve at its most authentic

Algarve, nosso amorzão

The Addresses-Surroundings

We lost our hearts
in the unspoiled East of the Algarve

The Algarve is not only home to soaring cliffs, sea caves, golden beaches, scalloped bays and sandy islands but also the Addresses first guesthouses. 

For a relatively small region, less than 50 kilometres wide and 200 kilometres in length, the Algarve still offers endless possibilities of exploration and adventure for the culturally curious traveller.

You might discover the very best seafood, incredible deserted golden beaches or a quaint traditional fishing village you see yourself spending the rest of your worry-free life. Or you let us guide you there.

When seasons
don’t matter anymore

In the Algarve, nature’s always on your doorstep. Because of the mild climate, abundant sunshine and mild rains, the sheer multitude of biodiversity creates a stunning and constantly changing landscape and colour palette throughout the year.

Go and explore the beautiful Ria Formosa natural park by renting a boat in Olhao. This water-rich coastal lagoon system, a protected area since 1987, has one of the most diverse and fascinating geologies, floras and faunas of Europe and is also a paradise for birdwatching in the Algarve.

Not a skilled sailor? Let us arrange you a skipper. Or explore the Ria formosa on horseback, straight through the orange groves, salt flats, pinewoods and beaches.

Amidst the daily life

In the Algarve, there remain some traditional towns that have a historic tale to tell and are off the radar of tourist crowds. Stroll around the municipal (fish) market of Olhao, spend an afternoon wandering through Vila Real, a small, lively hillside city overlooking the gorges of the Guadiana river and take in the views of the Ria Formosa at the top of Cacela Velha.

2 fisher boats floating on water in Portugal